I need the range tool in mediabay..

when is this gonna happen?

does anyone else find it odd that we can’t use the range tool to just select\import a portion of an audio file?

having to import a 2min audio file just to use a 5 second portion is weak in the extreme…

i’m assuming this function hasn’t been added in 6?

You mean exactly like introduced in Nuendo 5 last summer? I was extremely happy to see this and really thought it would be included in the Cubase 5.5 update. Unfortunately it was not and figured they would leave that feature until the next big release which is currently Cubase 6. Usually that is what Steinberg does, release something for Cubase, then add it in Nuendo later and vice versa. As soon as I knew the manual for Cubase 6 was out I hastily downloaded it and immediately went to the Media Bay portion just to be sorely disappointed to see it wasn’t included like I had hoped. I totally agree that this should not be a post audio only feature and there is no reason for music making purposes that someone would not want a single word from a phrase, a section of a drum loop, a single drum hit to drag and drop directly into Groove Agent One, just like you can drag and drop single slices from Loopmash into Groove Agent One now. I really hope Steinberg considers this as it should be extremely quick and painless to implement considering the coding is already done from Nuendo. It isn’t that Cubase can’t have this feature it is that Steinberg have deliberately felt the need to leave it out. Please change your minds Steinberg, this really would be a huge addition to an already great program and browser (Mediabay).

Let’s get one thing straight shall we?

Steinberg are a company that makes money.

The expectation is that if you want that feature bad enough you will purchase the program that has that feature and use either or both applications as and when necessary since file compatibility and so on is not an issue.

This patently dumb conversation about leapfrogging is missing the point that versioning between applications is used to implement new features and there is no guarantee that individual applications will eventually have the features of each other because from a usability point of view it is simply unnecessary.

The idea that you can implement it all in one program and simply switch off functions is wrong because the audio engines are always slightly different, as again there needs to be differentiating factors in order to prototype etc.

There is a perfect example outside steinberg that engage exactly this phenomena. It is called Microsoft and they make both server and workstation products.


hmmm…that’s interesting, i didn’t realise that nuendo already had that sorted…

that makes it even more annoying…

come on borgz, i’ve been with you guys since vst 3.6, i’ve tried all the other major sequencers but i love cubase & i’m staying here, it’s just that these sort of things are preventing the program from being truly great…

ah man not you again…

so if we wanna use the range tool in mediabay we should buy nuendo??? c’mon man gimme a break…

Check here…



cramar you are seriously joking right? the difference in price is like $1500.

I too am shocked that such a useful function for music production is deliberately left out of Cubase. I know Steinberg are trying to make a point-of-difference between these two programs but not in useful production functions like this please. I often audition long wooshes for my dance productions and only want to import a small section but no go. This would be most useful.

Feel free to add more 5.1 functions and things like 5.1 reverbs to Nuendo if you want a point of difference i could care less about that stuff

yeah that’s what i need, that would save me so much time…

If I recall correctly, this request originated in the Cubase forums before Nuendo (post people) got the idea… Because of course, it was a direct result of seeing the first fruits of MediaBay functionality - and then its limitations… requested and voted for many times…!!

Its a totally great idea and when I too saw it (finally) implemented in Nuendo, I thought Cubase users wouldn’t be far behind… I really hoped that C6 would have this… Shame, real shame…

So, +1 please, steinberg - for all the reasons that you put it in Nuendo; its not that big a differentiator between ‘music only’ and ‘post’ workflows. Are you really using this as a ‘feature’ to upsell/market Nuendo…?

Thats so important for us,com on please…!’!!!

Why limit the feature set of Cubase for the purpose of music production?

What is being requesting here (as displayed in the youtube vid at 5:39) is really an essential workflow enhancement which needs to be added to Cubase.

So, here’s another voice requesting this feature.