I need tips on adding Track end markers to Gapless tracks

I have some gapless tracks on the CD I’m working on. I added some track start markers and when I went to make a DDP I got the message "Track Start markers do not equal Track End Markers. I added the end markers, no problem, and then quantized them to the nearest CD frame. I left Gaps of about 68 Milleseconds between the end marker and the next start marker (which were then quantized to the nearest CD Frame). I wasn’t sure if they should be right against one another with no space in a gapless situation.

Just wondering if there’s anything specific I should know about manually entering these markers so I don’t get an unpleasant surprise Later.

Chas Ferry

Is there a specific reason why you need 68ms between the markers?

I’m very fond of the CD Track Splice Markers so that one track ends and the next starts at the exact same time. This helps ensure continuity between a DDP render, and rendering each track as it’s own WAV or mp3 file. With spaces between the markers, you can end up with different spacing between songs from the DDP compared to the rendered WAV or mp3 files from a montage.

Using the CD start and end markers can cause some problems if you aren’t careful. Of course you need a CD track start marker for your very first marker, and a CD track end marker for the end of the album, but for all the markers within the album I prefer the CD Track Splice for simplicity.

There was no reason for the 68 MS. In the end I read the manual and put the start and end markers right together.
I’m going to read up on the splice markers. Thanks for the tip.

Putting the start and end markers together should achieve the same thing as the splice marker if done the same way, but I personally find the splice makers a lot easier to work with and more trustworthy.

Marquer quantization to CD frame can make a difference: the end CD marker is quantized downwards, and the start marker upwards. So to be save, use splice markers, as Jperkinski mentions it.