I need to bounce the music with the click/metronome...how?

I need to bounce the music with the click in the background for an orchestra to perform on top of the percussion. How can I do this?

Thank you.

By creating an midi/instrument track and writing the click on it.

Well that is horrible. I’m not going to custom create a percussion loop and try to find a sound close to what the click in Cubase sounds like. Am I the only one who has ever needed to do this? It can’t be that uncommon. I use to do it in Pro Tools all the time.

I want the sound of what I’m hearing to be printed. Why is this so hard?


Well, here are samples of the Cubase beep. True, the metronome needs modernizing, to say the least! :wink:
CubaseBeeps.zip (30.5 KB)

Ok, well thanks :slight_smile:

Or use a loop back cable to physical record what is coming out. But that is even more labor intensive. A simple render metronome to track would be nice.

Yes I read online that you can route it out of RME total mix and feed it back into itself and record it as a track. I’m playing around with it right now but can’t seem to get it. Feel pretty stupid as I make my living with music and I can’t even route a channel back through total mix…but I do have limited time with total mix.

Can any one tell me how? I have an audio track setup in Cubase and the input is stereo in. VST connections in Cubase has that setup as Analog 1 and 2.

Cable from the op of the RME to the in of the RME, no? That should do it.

Your other option is get Audacity, and record the click for a few bars. Export > audio, import the audio to Cubase, cut it to match the timing, and then dupe the event for the duration of the track.

But honestly, in the time you have spent posting after Steve’s suggestion, you could have easily created a midi/instrument track and wrote the click on it, and been done with it.


I will be doing this a lot so I’m just trying to find an efficient way Jeff. It doesn’t take me long to write this.
What instrument do I use with the midi track?

Cable from the out into RME would work.

Ah, I got it. Thought this was a one time thing.

You can load an instance of GA. Surely you have some drum samples… AD, BFD, SD, etc. If not, something Kontakt related?

I can’t offer any better solutions than the above, for getting the desired metronome sound, but, once you have got that, then there is no need to write a metronome Part… you can simply route the Metronome to the desired Instrument (then record/render that in the normal way.

In my drum VSTi I have a preset, “Metronome 4/4”, and it just plays a basic kick/snare/rim shot pattern. I just load that up when I want a basic metronome, it’s much nicer than the Cubase metronome beeps to my ears. Last time I tried to load sounds into the Cubase metronome audio it didn’t work well, it’s been a while though, might try that again.