I need to buy cubase 5,...But how??

Hi, i don’t like cubase 6 or 7.5 and want to buy cubase 5, is it possible yet. I need it and don’t want to use warezed software.

You´re only 5 years too late…
You need to buy C7 and ask Steinberg (or someone else running C 5) if they provide you the install files for C5

yeah but i have to be shure about it, because buy cubase 7 and can’t use 5 will be terrible.

Well, then you have to make sure before you buy- simple.

This is what i trying to discover here.

Have a look on eBay to see if someone is selling it - hope that helps

This is a user forum not a support forum, log on to MySteinberg and ask support if this is possible, no-one knows better what Steinberg will or will not do than Steinberg itself. The rest of us can only guess

I’ve got C7.5 license and I have C5 and C6 installed as well and able to run them. But I had to find C5 installation DVD image (it wasn’t easy). C6 is available for download from Steinberg ftp site.

But you payed just for the cubase 7.5 and get older versions??

Im from Brasil and it’s too dificult to get contat with support. I never seen somthing so complicated in my life.

You don’ t “get” them. The C7.5 license allows you to run them - You have to find someone who can give them to you though.

thanks for help man, let me ask if you find the 64 bit installer too for the cubase 5.

I have Cubase 5 dmg installation file for Mac… Would pass it to you if you wish. Although I’m not sure if such operation is legal from Steinberg’s point of view, since they apparently don’t make the installation accessible and downloadable (it is not on their ftp site, as I mentioned above).

Well if is not legal than the license will not work. I’m trying to buy the software, but they don’t sell it anymore. to use the 5 version i have to buy the 7, so, i don’t see anything wrong. Anyway i use windows, but if can give me the installer to confirm that this works on a studio of a friend that uses mac i apreciate a lot, than i will buy with sure that it works =).

Thanks man.

Hello leaocomposer,

the Cubase 7.5 license allows to run previous versions, as some users pointed out already.

If you decide to go the Cubase 7.5 route, either contact support or send me a PM, I’ll provide you with the ISO images.

Best regards,

Hello Fabio Bartolini,

since Steinberg’s support explained that all support requests from 14.-19.01 2014 have been lost I have searched the forum for a solution and I find out here that you can provide a Cubase 5 ISO download link.
I once bought Cubase 4 and an download upgrade for Vers.5 and I need this upgrade (or a C5 trial maybe) again.
Every Update and even C6 trial is available, why is the link to C5 and the link C4 to C5 upgrade such a secret?

Best regards

Hi there,
I seems you got it pretty much sorted out. But, just in case it helps, did you try Brazilian version of Ebay (not sure what’s called)? I just picked a C 5 used the way I suggest in Argentina, certainly a much smaller market than Brazil. American Ebay won’t be much help since most sellers as well as dealers won’t ship overseas. And believe I’ve fiddled around enough to know.
Good luck

Because they don’t want that new users discover that the older version is better than the newer versions.

somebody can send me the iso file for the cubase 5 x64 for pc?