I need to downgrade / upgrade?

Hi, I am working at a School in the UK. We have 16 licenses for Cubase 8 Pro. We would like to upgrade to 10.5 but unfortunately do not have the money to do this (like all schools in the UK we are struggling) even at educational prices. Would it be possible to cross-grade from Cubase 8 to Cubase Elements 10.5. as this would at least put us up to date and it would be cheaper to upgrade in the future… there are enough features in Elements for the students to continue with their studies etc…
I have emailed Steinberg regarding this but they don’t reply :frowning:

Has anyone else done something similar?

And once again the question comes up - what is “Cubase 8”?
All updates, upgrades and crossgrades that are available can be found on the steinberg shop. www.steinberg.net -> shop

Unfortunately it has never been possible to downgrade between product “lines”, … however the ultimate answer to this would have to come from Steinberg – you never know, perhaps they’ll cut a deal as you’d be entitled to educational pricing. My guess is you’re stuck with your Cubase 8 (Pro or Artist?) licenses and you’ll have to look for a new deal to buy Elements 10.5.