I need to export or print my Cubase keyboard shortcuts

I need to export or print my Cubase keyboard shortcuts and I can’t find them. It seems to me that there was a utility for that. We should be able to export this list easily without working in XML.



Hi Steve, I remember. But it doesn’t work here. You can try with my file if you want (it’s a USER file that I renamed Key Commands. I don’t know what is blocking it.
Key Commands.xml (372.7 KB)

Ok. I succeeded by changing the header codes, which are different for the user files. Thanks!

Why doesn’t the vbs script work for you? Are you on MacOS?

The script only works on the actual Key Commands.xml file, and not the preset files such as what you uploaded.

edit - yes, you discovered what I was posting while I was posting!

Yes, thank you very much. Steinberg should offer this utility to everyone!

By the way, an observation I just made is that PLE and LE preset key command shortcuts will not be parsed due to the changes in Cubase 12.

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Okay. I also see that I’m losing my French terms. It’s in French in my Cubase, but not on the HTML files. A trick to not lose the language?

I do not think so, but maybe the script author has something to add on this. @GargoyleStudio? You around?

Have you tried this script, @steve? Will it include special characters (ones not shown on a standard English keyboard)?

I only use it in English, so I don’t kniw if it displays diacritics

Yes, but I thought I remembered you using exotic characters for Key Commands, no?

Huh! Yes I do! Ill have a look at that when I am at the daw.

But i think a different method is used to print the keystrokes, as opposed to the command names.

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Try this:

I’ve written it some years ago, but it still works afaik. It has some limitations (only display commands in english, because it’s like that in the xml), but you can print a nice table or export as CSV for using in a spreadsheet app.

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It doesn’t fit here, it only gives 4 lines.

At least the file you posted above is a Key Command Preset file, which has a slightly different structure than the original “Key Commands.xml”. At q quick glance, my code should actually work with that, but somehow it doesn’t (it works for my preset files, though). Can you try it with the “Key Commands.xml” from “%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64”? Else, maybe a different browwser, although I doubt that, and then I am out of ideas for the moment, tbh…

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Works great!