I now Have Halion Sonic. Do I still need HSSE?

Aloha guys,

On occasion I will sometimes download
and work on MIDI files for clients.

I have the preferences in Cubase set to open each MIDI track
in it’s own HSSE instance.

It all works just fine.

But now that I have ‘Halion Sonic’ I would to have those MIDI files
open in Halion Sonic instead of HSSE.
(because of the more extensive editing tools).

As it is now once the song is opened, I have to change
all the HSSE plugs to Halion Sonic plugs.

This process can take time.

So my questions are:
1-Is it possible (and if so should I?) to ‘trash’ HSSE from my hard drive?
2-and if I did would that ‘force’ Halion Sonic to now open those MIDI files?

I can open MIDI files in Halion Sonic by using ‘Stand-a-Lone’ mode.
But I would like to do it as a plug in Cubase.

I found a thread about this but with no real answer.
(some good insight tho’)



Preferences - MIDI - MIDI Files - [last dropdown] has a couple of options. Though no direct plugin alternatives to HSSE. (At least, I have not seen any.)

Cannot answer your questions, but since HSSE is an option in this one dropdown, ‘trashing’ it may cause problems if it is referenced elsewhere.

Aloha E, and thanks for your post.

In the thread I mentioned there a couple of posts saying
in essence, something about HSSE very
important to the proper operation of Cubase
and best not to try to remove it.

But now with C7 and it’s improved HSSE, (along with
not to long ago some up-dates for both Halion Sonic and HSSE)
I thought to re-suface this question.

Looks like the answer is the same… Leave it alone.