I/O buss management.

I had posted this in the C7 forum before, so I thought to post it again here.

I use quite some outboard in my homestudio. Some of the outboard units are channel strips and preamps with line inputs.
When I’m recording (which is usually on location, in my case), these channel strips and preamps are used as mic inputs.
However, when I’m mixing, I use them with the line input as colouring, distortion devices, or in the case of the channel strips, as EQ’s an compressors (so basically as outboard FX).

So it would be nice if, instead of making separate in- and output presets and FX devices, all of these could be handled as one general buss preset. On for recording, one for mixing.
So when I select my recording bus presets, these devices are alocated to my input busses, and when selecting the mix-preset, the units are configured as external FX.