I ordered the ur-rt2 (your returns)

Hello, I just ordered the sound card from steinberg ur-rt2, I currently have the 192 presonus mobile card, I would have a very big difference in sound quality to record my voice as the card his presonus? I have a microphone neuman tlm 102 right now on the card presonus 192 mobile I’m not satisfied finally if but not too much, is the ur-t2 will make me a very good result of what I at this moment?

I have not received it yet but I long to have it in my hands for the used, I sing in French because I’m a French

thank you

I don’t have experience with the Presonus card that you have, so I can’t compare what you are asking. I do believe different people listen differently, and experienced audio engineers might go “ooh! & ahh!” over something the average musician would go “huh?” to.

That said, I just replaced an MR816csx in my system with a UR-RT 2 like the one you ordered. The mic pres in these two interfaces are the same (until switching on the Neve transformer in the UR-RT) so they sound pretty much the same, to start with.

For my trial run, I used a TLM 102 like yours. I recorded violin and banjo (vocal trials will come later). I found switching on the transformer made a difference that was subtle. It seems to me that it adds a little more detail, and it is slightly smoother. I haven’t tried it in a mix, yet. I’ll need more listening to be sure of this.

All that aside, I think “listening tests” are overrated, for me, at least. I believe turning on the brain state of intentionally listening “for” something interferes with the ability to discern it. I tend to be able to hear nuance better when i’m in a more relaxed state, so the difference might be more obvious to me later.

Since you are changing to a completely different mic pre, you may hear a bigger difference.

Hello, thank you very much for your answer, I ordered it and I am very happy, I can not wait to hear the result, thank you for your answer