I Plan to Upgrade to Cubase 8. Please Please help!


I just spent 30 hours installing Cubase 7 and 7.5 to find out that they are not compatible with Windows 10. See? http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=87710&p=493409#p493409

I have no choice but to spend $100 and buy and Install Cubase 8. I am however concerned that I will again spend many hours troubleshooting. I am exhausted with the Cubase 7 debacle.

I want to make sure ahead of time I will not find myself in a similar situation with Cubase 8. I am concerned that the issues I had insulting 7/7.5 will not go away with getting Cubase 8 to install, register and working properly. Here are the issues I had:

My name or my license number does not appear anywhere what I open Cubase. Is this typical?

Will I get this message: “soft eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly.
Please run LCC to fix this problem.”

When “register now” in Cubase will I get error code 1003.

Yes Online Sync and Maintenance all items are OK
I have the eLicenser Control Center Version
The dongle is plugged in.

A few more Questions:

Does Cubase 7 and 7.5 need to be installed to upgrade to Cubase 8? I prefer to uninstall them and get then out of the way.

Will Padshop Pro work in Windows 10. I cannot recall that Padshop Pro is a separate purchase and installation.

30 Hours? Did you happen to mean 30 minutes? I can see 30 minutes, but not 30 hours.

My name and license number don’t appear either. I believe that’s normal.

If you purchase a license for 8 it’ll work for 8 and any earlier versions, but you’ll have to transfer the new license to your elicenser for it. [Not too big of a deal.]

I believe that 8 is a separate installation. I have both 7.5.40 and 8.0.30 installed on the same rig. You could always download the demo and try it to be sure.

Then you could also find out if Padshop Pro is installed as well. I’ve never used it so I couldn’t tell you. I seem to recall seeing it though, which means it’s most likely included, because I know I’ve never purchased it.

Yes 30 hours not 30 minutes. I was determined to get Cubase 7.5 to work and actually it works but it has still has three issues, which are mentioned in the OP.

It is good to know that the name or registered to does not appear on the GUI or on the “about Cubase”. Please check. I am down to two issues. Thanks.

Yea Padshop is included in Cuabse 8 but not Padshop Pro. So I must have gotten Padshop Pro as a separate purchase on Cubase 7.5?

So download Cubase 8 as a demo but the problems are registration issues. I am afraid to do this as I do not want to get sucked in in any more troubleshooting. To get the $100 upgrade price does Steinberg need to see Cubase 7.5 installed in the computer?

I am very tempted to sell Cubase 7.5 but who buy it if it will not run in Windows 10. So I am in a bind, sort off.

I may start a new thread “Does Anyone Run Cubase 7 or 7.5 under Windows 10?” This may tell help me deice what to do. Well I started this thread here http://www.steinberg.net/forums/posting.php?mode=post&f=181#preview

Install and run the eLicenser software with admin rights. Same goes for any copy protection software.

As long as there is a 7.5 registration in your account in My Steinberg, you should be ok.

I wouldn’t be concerned about that at all.
Lots of guys aren’t in any hurry to move up to Windows 10 - like myself. I haven’t even bothered with Win 8 yet.

Cubase 7.5 & 8 are working as well as I want & expect in Windows 7 is so I’m staying there for a while - perhaps even for many years.

I’d do everything I could before bailing on Cubase though. I own 2 other DAWs and have tried 2 others and I truly feel that Cubase is ahead of the pack - way ahead in fact.

The most important thing is that your elicenser contains the Cubase 7/7.5 license.

I would uninstall everything Steinberg and start clean…make sure to use the full installer which is 9Gb and after purchase will be in your MySteinberg account (You may receive a link to this one or to a smaller upgrade installer…just check that it’s the 9Gb one.)

Re: the soft elicenser error:

Note that Cubase runs from the USB elicenser unless you are talking about Cubase Elements…what version do you have??
Padshop Pro is possibly licensed to the soft elicenser but if you do have a usb licenser you’d be better off transferring the license to this and then you could actually remove soft elicenser files to stop the error message.

after the first hour I would have posted, lol

I did not install Cubase with run with admin rights though I open Windows as the administrator.
Not sure if this is the same thing.

The Windows User Account control always come up
“Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your PC?”
even when run as administrator to open Cubase.


It took me 15 to 20 attempts to download the complte Cubase 7.5. I could not get the upgrade installer to work. For the 7.5 the best I got was I believe a 2.1 GB download. The Folder read as a 6.63 GB. So this ISO I finally realized is a compressed self un-compressing file. I could install it from the Start_Center.exe so I installed from the Cubase for Windows folder setup.exe. So I assume this is wrong.

So I am still not sure where to find this 9 GB folder.

Yes I always had the dongle in place.

Yes just now found some paperwork that I paid $9.99 for he Padshop to Padshop Pro upgrade. So this VST is separate from Cubase. Good.

So my options are:
sell Cubase 7.5 and keep Padshop Pro.
Keep Cubase 7.5 as it seem it is working.
Buy Cubase 8. No guarantee that I will spend many hours trouble shooting the install and registration. It will cost me $100 to solve the Cubase 7.5 issues.
None of my choices are good. I see that Steinberg Support is not helpful, at least in my case.

I am currently downloading Cubase 8. The first attempt failed.
If I get a good download and install it without any issues I just may attempt buy it and hope that the registration and any other issues do not re-appear. If so unfortunately I cannot get a refund in the worst case scenario. There goes hours and hours again troubleshooting.

Ok, I may take your advice and un-install everything and start over again. At last for sure If I decide on Cubase 8.

I did but got very little support.
Getting more support on this thread. :smiley:

It is not the same thing, run as admin if you right click the exe. Or right click icon choose preferences / compatibility and flag the Run As Administrator, to set it permanently. This really should be done for all installs that do low level work, like drivers. Under win10 it was a must for me, to get eLicencer and iLok2 going.
The UAC I have disabled, just too annoying, and I know what I’m doing (most of the time) :slight_smile:

It took 15 to 20 attempts to download Cubase 7.5 and even then I believe it was not complete.

The Cubase 8 demo download a bigger file with three attempts. Steinberg made sure that I follow the Support man’s suggestion to get V8. I have not yet installed V8 so perhaps this will download will also give me hell.

When I open Cubase 7.5 the Windows User Account control always comes up “Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your PC?” even when run as administrator to open Cubase. Typically after a program is installed the “Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your PC?” does not come up. This tells me that my Cubase 7.5 is not properly installed. Seems logical?

Could you please explain the admin stuff one more time? Where and how this is done in Windows 10 if possible.

Is the Cubase 30 day Trial version Identical to the Bought version? If I decide to buy Cubase 8 will I be able to convert the Trail version to a legit version?

Does Steinberg ever have a Black Friday or any type of sale on their upgrades?

“Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your PC?”

Cubase does this with Windows 10 as far as I can see. I have other programs doing it too and I don’t believe it indicates any problem. (Though would be happy to hear it’s avoidable somehow)

Is the Cubase 30 day Trial version Identical to the Bought version? If I decide to buy Cubase 8 will I be able to convert the Trail version to a legit version?

Yes…Trial version is same installer…only the licence makes it a full version.

Does Steinberg ever have a Black Friday or any type of sale on their upgrades?

If Sb follow their usual pattern of release 8.5 will probably be on sale soon with a free grace period upgrade for those who have registered 8 in the preceding couple of months so I can’t foresee any sale at the moment. This is all just educated guesswork of course.

Making progress on installing Cubase 7.5.

I finally got a good download of the Cubase 7.5 iso. I deleted everything Steinberg and the LCC as recommend by Grim. The installation went smooth and was asked where to put the content files. Hey put them in my Samples-Content-Presets drive. Should not have done that!

Please help me undo the damage.
Now I get the “not found” notice and I click ignore.

Ooops forgot to install as administrator.

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