I really want to use the windows functions....

but I do not have a number pad on my keyboard. Is there a way to create some custom keystrokes for this? Sorry if I sound like noob (or is it nube?). thx guys.


Many Laptops (assuming that’s why you don’t have a numeric keypad) have an area of the keypad laid out as a keypad emulation, which can be activated by a function key; see if yours does.

An external (i.e. USB, or even wireless) numeric keypad would be a very inexpensive alternative, with many potential advantages. I’ve added one to my main system and use it as a remote controller, some have a row of additional keys which can be programmed with key-commands to suit (actually all the keys on this keypad could be reprogrammed if I wanted to)

The numeric keypad is the by far the most used part of the keyboard when controlling Cubase.
I could not even in my wildest nightmares imagine being without it. I constantly use it for start stop inserting makers, jumping between makers, wind, rewind, record, loop and what else I just forgot. Get yourself a usb keypad, and learn every possible key, it will speed up your work more than any controller can do.

Wow…good enough guys…I will just have to make space for it…thx.

Just go configure your keyboard shortcuts to suit your machine. Cubase is really good like that. No numkeypad required!


  • 1, great solution!

Or just get the CMC-PD…

Not only is it for drums but you have a mode to make the pads do any shortcut like bringing up Mixers and Layouts.

It’s a dual solution:

Picking this up tonight! I’ll report back when I’ve had some time with it.


To provide the transport functions that are on the numeric keypad I would have though a CMC-TP would be a better choice.


Yes I know about the key assign capabilities but CMC-TP will do what the OP is missing due to lack of numberpad straight out the box without configuring it.