I removed Elicenser from old PC. New PC says code is in use


Steinberg Support is ridiculous. I will never buy another Steinberg product. But for now, I am stuck with a product that I own but can’t use. I bought Cubase SX 5 a long time ago. Used it infrequently. I am getting back into music. So I uninstalled elicenser control center from my old PC and am trying to install it onto my new PC. It says:

The Activation Code has been used already.

This is ridiculous. Does Steinberg think that people will only ever have one computer for the rest of their lives? I do not want to have to “crack” software that I’ve paid for. I shouldn’t have to.

Should I reinstall LCC on my old PC and deactivate it somehow? I thought uninstalling LCC would be enough? I’ll try that in the meantime. Help???

Did you follow the instructions for reactivation?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Before you call others ridiculous, you should start to at least post some useful information, otherwisethe way you are presenting yourself here right now might also seem ridiculous to some. :bulb: .
1.There is no software that is called Cubase SX 5
2.The Version 5 Cubase has different derivates: Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5 and Cubase LE 5. And some of them are licensed differently than others.
So before you come in here all guns blazin´, take two minutes of your time, and check which exact version you have. That will give anyone who wants to help you a hint, on what the problem could be.