I saw this set-up on youtube, tried and haven't looked back

More and more I felt like I am messing with Inspector unreasonably long time picking the right tab despite I know about control-click trick.

I saw this on youtube, I tried and I am incredibly happy with this setup. Lost few pixels of vertical view, but got much more functionality and control.

Cool idea.

I saw that here.

I used this when I am composing and creating a premix.

This is great. Reminds me of Reaper and Logic.
Thank you so much for sharing.

I have seen this before too but never tried it. This thread reminded me and I set it up. It’s really great. Thanks

This is brilliant. Just set it up and customized the single mixer channel to have only the rack items I need. I left only undo/redo at the top toolbar of that window.

The left area should have a built-in option to have a single mixer channel like this.

Looks like Cakewalk Sonar and a few others.

Excellent, thanks for sharing.

Very cool!
I use workspaces with the inspector to achieve a similar result.

In your case fader is not always visible and I don’t have such a huge screen. The most popular screen resolution nowadays is 1920x and 1350x. Mixer’s inserts and sends are much more convenient cuz their number of slots depends on number of activated items. But also there is disadvantages, you can work with MIDI tack properties well.

what is this exactly, a mixer window stuffed into the left side?

Thank you for sharing this, exactly what I needed. The Inspector window is so ridiculously cluttered. High five my friend.

I played with this setup for a while but I got tired of having to do the extra click on the project window to bring it back into focus evey single time. It was more annoying to me than the cluttered inspector so I went back.

I do something similar but have the output buss on the right since working from home more on one monitor instead of the studio because Covid

Neat idea but I use track versions all the time so it’d be more of a pain tbh.

i set this up last night and it was working great, today when i select a track, it does not snap to it in the mix console 2 window like it did last night. what have i turned off?

EDIT: restarting fixed it.

Why don’t you use track name field in arrangement to manage versions?

Also there is an option in the preferences to sync or not sync mix console and arrangement track list