I should know this but.. TRACK FREEZE question

Hi everyone. So here we are again with yet another new forum and yet another loss of all forum tenure :frowning: Boooo

Anyway, I haven’t ever had to do this operation so I don’t know how. Two questions:

  1. How can I export or bounce a VST instrument track to a new stereo file with all of its effects (i.e. so as an audio file it plays back EXACTLY like it did as a VST instrument MIDI file) ?

  2. How can I save all the effects and so forth of a single VST instrument track and then apply them to an AUDIO track? I saved the VST instrument’s audio channel mixer settings but when I went to apply them to a stereo audio track an error said wrong track type

Thanks in advance!

Do you really need to render the vst tracks to audio? Unless you are running short of memory you can leave vst tracks, add effects, automate etc. and they will all be mixed down to audio during the final mix down.

Just solo the track, set your locators to the start and end of the part(or later to allow for decay) put your master fader to 0dB and do an Audio Export (at 32bit) ticking import to project and pool (or whatever its called) and bang job done.

But of course, if you want to export or bounce a VST instrument, you can do it - simply because you want to, even though you´re not running short of memory…

Most engineers want to have the flexibility to be able to change effect settings if needed after the fact so I would export the track back to Cubase via split’s explanation but without the effects and then just copy and paste the channel settings and effects from the original track to the imported one. That way all your effects settings will be identical to the original vsti but you can still adjust them.