I still dont like the new mixer

There haven’t been any improvements to the audio engine since v2. I know SB says there have been, but null tests prove otherwise.


I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying :confused:

PS. I’m waiting for Windows drivers for Softube Console 1. Then… :smiley:

I’m not talking in terms of sound, but rather reliability.

I hear you. I am still on v5 (have a license for 6 & 7), and with a huge 38GB template and spillover on a 2nd machine w/VEPro, things are as reliable and as stable as can be. No crashes, no weirdness, no sudden bursts of audio from out of nowhere, no slowdowns, no stutters - nothing.


So what OS are you running V5 on then?

W7 Ult. 64-bit.

Was V5 even made for that system?


Actually no:



That page gives me a 404.

The original system req. for v5 was Xp/Vista.

553 was released on March 29, 2011. W7 had already been out for two years, but had been in dev since '06. I of course dont know exactly what SB did or did not do, but I find it impossible to believe that they did not in some way build their sw - at least in part - around th worlds most popular OS that had already been out for years.


The audio “subsystem” is virtually the same in Vista as for W7 and W8/8.1, so compatibility was probably built in reverse, ie. for XP.

So why are you using version 5 anyway in terms of features and not V6?

Honestly? The input tempo KC. They did away with this for some stupid reason in v6, and refuse for some stupid reason to put it back.

That may seem silly, especially for something I dont use every day, but that’s the reason.


Not silly at all.

Reports are alot of stuff has dissappeared but for me the new features outweigh anything lost.

I finally have found a solution for this mixer-mess and Cubase is not the winner :slight_smile:
I bought console 1 and already after 7 days I barely use the mixer. Mixing is done completely on the console 1 hardware. The hardware is fantastic and well thought. And the Chanelstrip sounds just fantastic. The gate is smoooooth without any artefacts (and I am picky with gates), the added transient control very handy, the eq is great, the compressor is fantastic as well and the drive ist the best digital distortion I have heard so far.
The interaction in cubase is absolutely spot on with automatic track numbering an naming (a big thank you to Steinberg for implementing this so quick).
I just need a reverb, and some modulation effects outside console one…
With every controller I had before I still used the mouse. Not so with console 1. In fact the hardware interacts better with the software than cubase with its own CC121 (whats with the wrong EQ layout? I think I can sell my 121 now, as I bought it mainly for the eq section …epic fail). And if you get used to a rotary volume knob instead of a fader you will never go back…at least if you adjust one chanel at the time.

Wow! Looks nice.

Looking for alternatives to replace my two (aging) n12s.
I’ll check into this in more depth next week.

(the no faders thang has me a bit concerned tho’ because I am not sure if clients will accept it)

Tanx folkfreak for the ‘heads-up’.

Good luck!

I’m actually curious how well Console 1 is doing. Are many units being sold? Conceptually, it is enticing to simplify one’s DAW/plugins to just a few. But the counter argument that more is…well more.

Although a little different, I have largely limited myself to UAD plugs. I spend more time with just a few of them so that I know a few well, rather than a lot of plugs not well. However, there are times where I need to grab something I don’t usually use (like a multiband compressor).