I think I made a purchase error

Hi, I think I made a purchase error.
I have a Cubase license for cubase ai10 and a cubase le 7.
I thought I could buy a 15 euro upgrade and switch to cubase element 10 but I can’t do it because the system tells me that the license is not supported.
What should I do?
I’m new to the Cubase world I’ve always worked with other software.
thank you

Contact “asknet” support, explain your situation. Hopefully they will assist.

Regards :sunglasses:

Good luck, I’ve called and emailed them many times in the past 2 weeks for a problem with my order and no one ever answers or replies back!

Sorry for your experience but this may have been caused by the the extra influx of orders they had to work during the 50% off sale.

I’m not sure what else I could have suggested to the OP as this is a user forum. So contacting asknet support is what needs to be done.

Regards. :sunglasses: