I think i mess it up with Activation and need some help please

Hi everyone, my name is JM i am from Spain, and i would love to learn how to produce music.

But to start my journey i will need a bit of help with CUBASE ACTIVATION wich is driving me nuts tonight xxD.

I have purchased Cubase Elements today and installed it one of my machines and everything worked like intented. PERFECT.
So after a nice afternoon i wanted to prepeare my machine properly so i formated it to have a nice and clean system.
After the reinstall, i have tried to reactivate Cubase but i haven’t registred my product before. I had not a clue about what a e-Licenser is. As i said i am new and have not a clue about it.

The thing is that everytime i try to activate, i recive a e-mail with a new code but it still saying, that the code has been used onced.

How can i get a new activation code?

I would love to have some help if someone don’t mind.


And sorry for my bad English

Are you absolutely sure it doesn’t show up in your MySteinberg account?

If not, I’m afraid nobody on the forums can be of much help. You will need official Steinberg support.

The normal procedure is a reactivation (through your MySteinberg account). That is assuming, however, that the software is registered there.

Hi mate, thank you very very much for the reply. I managed to reactivate my acount after many many tries. Not very intuitive i have to admit.

“As more legal things are as more dificult they make it for the end user” !Just found out!. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway it is sorted now… and i started to understand how the eLicenser works. ¿Would it be a good idea to buy a physical eLicenser? I mean it would be nice to use Cubase on my Laptop aswell ¿is it posible?.

And just one more little question ¿if you don’t mind? After messing arround with that bloody eLicenser, on my account under the eLicenser TAB i have to 2 wrong eLicenser numbers. ¿Is there a way i can get rid of them? I am not shure if you understand what i mean.