I *think* this is a new 6.0.3 feature... and I like it!

I could possibly be having a mental lapse, but I swear in 6.0.2 and before, when I opened the audio editor on a part and hit the space bar, it would play with all of the accompanying tracks.

If I hit the play button at the top, it would play just the audio in the audio editor, but bypass all effects (note: this hasn’t changed).

What I wanted was to be able to play the audio with the effects engaged, but nothing else.

This is what I have now in Cubase 6.0.3. I didn’t notice it in the release notes.

But now I can tune my vocals, and still hear my vocal effects chain, but all other tracks are muted when i hit the space bar to start playback while the audio editor is in the foreground.


…or somehow the “solo editor”-button is switched on by default. It’s been around for quite a while!
solo editor.png

Nice). Well I learned something, thanks :wink: