I think very seriously that the current tragedy must sound the end of the eLicencer.

I think very seriously that the current tragedy must sound the end of the eLicencer.

I think the cause of the events is related to the recklessness of Steinberg’s leadership.

Yes, it is guilty, but those who trust it, as things stand, are the first to target. This kind of totally centralized system, which receives connections from the entire planet is a monstrous mistake.

We have to decentralize this system or find something else. The time has simply come to understand it and act.

Absolutely, agreed!

Have you noticed the change in latest Download Assistant in top left. “Enter your Download Access Code” Never seen that before wonder if its linked to licence review and purchase?

Any ideas anyone?


Not sure a server issue can warrant the death of a dongle.

You put your access code into your steinberg account and then they give you another code to put in the elicenser. Seems over comlicated in my opinion. Took me a couple minutes to work that one out and badly communicated.

Would probably help if the read me would download.

Alert! Incoming Dongle Knights :laughing:

It is not a server issue.
This is a mixture of

  • Steinberg knowling keeping a non scalable server in their basement
  • the newly changed procedure of activation which renders C10 license useless even without havin installed or downloaded C11 at all

So it is pure fault of Steinberg - and they knew it before. And they are giving a shit about it, just waiting until “it is over”.

Absolutely yes, we want our USB port back…no more USB elicenser-Vienna key

I can’t access the elicenser update or the Download assistant. So as things stand I am cursing all these modified ways to install C11. It’s definitely not working for me.

Worked ok here. Ive had easier downloads, but this wasnt some sort of deal breaker.

Bit worrying that the new system of licensing appears to introduce new point of failure for users increasing risks of disruption.

If the download assistant software fails due to incompatibility with major OS updates (Could that happen?) how can you licence the product you have purchased or continue to use given current fiasco?

Users appears to be having their livelihoods put at disproportionate risk with no local control; or contingency planning possible other than not sticking with Cubase in commercial Studio situations. Appreciate that Steinberg may be trying to protect their own products and sales. But this latest change appears to be creating disproportionate security on their products.

Perhaps someone could give us an idea of why the change was necessary other than it was a good idea sold to Steinberg management from internal programmers development meeting. Works for them but what about the customer?

A shameful first 2 days. In almost 20 years, I have never had this issue with a new Cubase install. The eLicenser and dongle was typically a source of a minor problem but NEVER like this. It’s not as if this is some major world issue and everyone in the world tried to log in… Its a bunch of music guys …is a security system so riddled with faults really necessary? The old system truly seemed adequate

In my case, I chose to upgrade my 10.5 Pro and the server must’ve crashed mid update and now my Cubase 10.5 license was removed. So I can’t even used my Cubase 10.5. In 15 years using Cubase, I’ve never had a dongle issue but always understood people gripes with it. Luckily, due to the fact that Steinberg only lets you use Cubase on 1 system at a time (another topic for a later date), I have another license at home that I use because I don’t like the idea of traveling with the dongle so I’m able to bring that dongle to the studio and hopefully not miss my sessions for today. As you can imagine, updates get pricey for me cause I have to buy 2. Currently on hold with Steinberg support. Will update later.

It’s already been stated on these forums that they’ve been working on the successor, it’s no big secret:-

Example- https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=868166#p868166

I hate to say it but i do agree . Loved the dongle but if this issue keeps arising then …

Well said.

I wonder with the new forum format coming whether we will see a group to cover download assistant and licensing. At the moment there’s no consistent forum location for views to be aired. So various different types of user may post an issue where others may not see it.

I’m not dongle adverse it’s better than being locked to one machine with software licensing but surely there ought to be a better way for users who have shown loyalty to the products over the years to gain a bit of flexibility in using the software over a multi computer home network situation.

Or perhaps that’s the direction this new system is taking us. One code linked to payment which could then be used to allow multiple activation locations hosting the download assistant on the same network if steinberg allow.

Just some thoughts.


I have not yet purchased the C11 upgrade. It sounds like a huge mess again.
I recall the 10.5 upgrade, where there were issues of the download content being corrupt and the install would crash at like the 99% mark.
(Well this was certainly the case for us over here in Australia and New Zealand with that 10.5 product, steinberg were blaming the mirror delivery sites around the regions…)
It seems 12 months later, another paid upgrade (which is again a “+0.5” incarnation) and no lessons learnt by Steinberg regarding their ability to deliver a smooth transition for users paying for product.

Keep the dongle on. Protect our software.

A tragedy? So it was difficult to upgrade for the first two days. Hardly a tragedy.

I attempted halfway through yesterday when the apology was posted and I managed after 45 mins of trying in the elicenser. After that the update was easy.