I thought this was supposed to be fixed in the .20 update?

A friend has downloaded the trial (including the .20 update) I was surprised (but maybe I shouldn’t be) to see that the problem with variaudio still exists, even though Martin told me in a post that it was fixed…
the problem being that after analyzing the audio in the lower zone if you click back in the project window the audio file switches back to looking like it’s un analyzed, then if you click back on the lower zone the analyzed segments are greyed out, so you have to click back on the pitch and warp flag (which strangely has been moved from the variaudio window) to get them back again…what a workflow mess!,
I’m very disappointed because… :frowning:
I have decided to stay with Cubase because after working with Studio one for a while now (though it is a much better DAW work-flow-wise) I realise that as songwriting is my primary purpose I just cannot live without…the transpose track…the tempo track…variaudio and the chord track…these are awesome features very well implemented and the reason I will stay with Cubase…but probably in the Cubase 8.5 zone, if only because the variaudio works better…can’t believe they’ve buggered it up and still have not fixed it… :frowning:

mistakenly posted this in the 8 area also…sorry… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh no… :cry:

Then how about simply deleting it there?!

I do all my variaudio in the full editor and not the lower zone, exactly for that reason.
But I haven’t checked if was changed in the last few updates. So used to it now, that I only find it a minor annoyance.
The lower zone will eventually get improved on I’m sure.
There are more annoying issues and bugs I would like to see fixed first.

your such a funny one intya!! :unamused:

Me too.

Yeah, like the MIDI generated from chord tracks changing pitch (upwards) over time - grrrrr!

Not at all…

Shadowfax, is it to much to ask that you delete posts yourself when you make a mistake? You do realize that if you don’t do it, someone else has to. It’s like washing the dishes when you have roommates.

If you don’t know how, refer to https://www.steinberg.net/forums/app.php/help/faq#f2r1

sorry Steve :blush: …I couldn’t see how to do it, I’ll have a go now unless you’ve already done it… :slight_smile: