I trid to register dongle allredy registered to someone else

In 2016 i purchased cubase 7 with dongle.
In 2016 i upgraded it to 8.5 and got an invoice of payment from steinberg.
Today i wanted to install the program on a new computer and the upgrade is in my account under my name and the dongle is not registered.
I trid to register it and the massage is that its allredy registered to someone else.
I have all the documents, box, cd’s, and the sirial that came with it when i installed the program in 2016.
Can someone please explain what is the problem and how can i fix it and register my usb dongle so i can install it on my new computer?
Tnx :pray:

Hi! Could you send a PM with the USB-eLicenser number? I’ll check the registration status then.

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Tnx for your response and heaping me.
The number is: 133xxx - 42xxxx
I cant send PM only public one…

I have edited your post but thanks for the info. I found another account and have sent a message your way now.

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I bought it frome a guy in second hand at 2016.
He probably registered it.
I didnt know that i need to register it, because i upgraded the software with my credit card and installed it with the serial mumber that is on the program.
I cant find him after the time that passed.
My birthday is 11 may 1977.
I have all the things that came with the program, i can send a pic.
If you can send me the e mail address that is registered i will contact the guy and ask him to releas the dongle and proof that it is my dongle.
If there is another way please let me know because my studio is shut down until i will solve the problem.
I was the one that installed the 7 version with the product key.
And i upgrade the program under my name in 2016
Tnx for your help and quick response really appreciate it.

Please find attached the e mail that i got after installing and upgrading the software.
I think that even if you will send an e mail to the previous oner he will conferm that it is my dongle and release it.