I uninstall by mistake a pace file from c:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64

Since then Cubase 10.5 work very slow
Cubase 7.5 work fine
Any idea :bulb: ?

I have i9 10990

This isn’t a Cubase problem, but I suppose you should run Windows Update to replace the file.

I checked with Cubase 7.5
Work fine

Either way, this is not a Cubase/Steinberg problem. And Pace is an Ilok component.

Its with windows problem I guess
But still stuck
What to do work with 7.5? :frowning:

If you can’t work with C10.5, it’s either

  • not because of missing Ilok software
  • You have a plugin using Ilok licensing and you deleted the an ilok component.

Hm… Can you post a screen shot of your elicenser control center?

i tri to disable all vst remove all settings from:


Do you have a plugin using an Ilok license?

If you do, you should reinstall Ilok. (this is 3rd party software, not Steinberg.)

i reinstall the pluginand the ilock
as i say i remove all plugins from c10.5 and chack its. still slow like havy
allso i chackedd c10.0. tha same
c 7.5 run smoothly
iam basically stcuk becoas i have a lot of plugins and format the pc is not an option for now

mybe i need to uninstall completely cubase with all the register with no trails?