i upgraded my cubase pro from 8.5 to 9

and then, my cubase 8.5 activation was gone disappeared and there’s only 9 pro at ‘my products’ page…and i thought it was normal.

few days later, i should have to format my computer for some kinds of bugs, after then i wanted to install 8.5 versions for use some good old instruments…but there’s no full versions of older versions in ‘downloads’ page, and i knew that i can only download old versions at ‘my products’ page. but like i already told yalls, my product was version upped for 9 and there’s no 8.5 ver anymore.

so i asked some producer friends to how can i download it again, and they told me that my case is not that normal and all of them has their older versions of products since when they were bought cubase pro. so i want to fix this probs or just want to send a request to solve it. please help me…T-T

Summaries ::

  1. I updated my cub pro 8.5 to 9
  2. I lost my 8.5 at ‘my product’ page and it shifted to new versions
  3. I want to install 8.5 version again, but there’s no links to download the install files
  4. So I want to solve it or know how I make a request to the company to clear
  5. H…el…p…m…e…

Everything is here


i can only download the updates in there…i have to download complete one. here’s the message from that download page.


Cubase Pro 8.5 - Complete Installation

No DVD drive available? Lost the purchased download installation files?

With Cubase Pro 8.5 registered in your MySteinberg account you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under “My products” -> “Downloads”.


Was your 8.5 version listed before at MySteinberg?

I can see all my previous versions (I also keep hard copies of all the versions as I’ve been caught out in the past by software manufacturers disappearing).

This is normal…only latest version is available to download in MySteinberg.

Your license covers all versions but you have to ask support for the download of older versions…or hope they see your post here and send you a link.

Not sure why pianarchist can see all old versions…definitely not normal.

Shall try not to take it personally… :wink:
…FWIW I only have 8 and 8.5 and not previous versions.

I also possess an Elements 9 license and for that I do only have the current version available for download and it too was an upgrade. Even stranger!

Excellent advice! I also keep (archive) ALL my old copies of software. Yes, many companies, not just Steinberg, make it difficult do download older versions.
cubase folder.png

thnx for advices…im might had to back up my old versions to use…T_T
well…so. i think i should have to clean my room to find my hard copies…
ha-ah. it will be really tough day today…:frowning: