I usually don't do this!!!!


I just want to say:
This is just awesome. Best update ever.

Thanks to the whole Cubase Team.
Good on you all…

Cubase lover! :smiley:

I agree I’m very impressed

+1 The most impressive update since… 4?

I agree as well actually. I would like to see some fixes for some of the small things mentioned here on this forum, but in general, most of those fixes seem relatively small. I have to say, this may be one of the best Cubase releases ever.

Agreed. I’ve hit a couple little bugs already. But for a zero-day, this is the most solid release I’ve seen. It’s only been a few hours, though. Certainly haven’t put it through all my possible setups. Fingers crossed!

Not trying to be a wet blanket, but Cubase updates are often kinda like invading Irag…

At first, everything is shock and awe and mission accomplished.

The screaming usually doesn’t begin for a few weeks… :smiley:

That said, SB has gotten a LOT better at this over the years. Updates are -way- less fraught than they used to be. However, the truth remains: In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, there are unknown unknowns. The annoying shit doesn’t usually strike until later. And it’s usually at exactly the wrong time.



Yes great update. I’m really impressed with this version. Cubase pro 8 feels stable and fast (with the exception of the rendering in place of tracks which takes forever :slight_smile: ). Great features, great look’n feel. Of course there’s still room for improvement, there’s always, but steinberg did a great work with this version.

Steiny seems to listen to customers that’s the most important. Congrats steinberg and thanks for this wonderful tool that cubase has become over time. I seat in front of cubase several hours every day, and I love it, it’s part of my life, and it has become an extension of myself :laughing: So I’m glad to work on this high quality software.

fine,but how long do we have to wait for nuendo 7?