I want a dB display on Dorico mixer

I want a Dorico mixer to have a dB display similar to a Cubase mixer.
It is difficult to understand when changing the volume, and sometimes I want to return it to 0 dB.

I’m not gonna tell you what to want, but can I break the ask into two different things? You asked for DB labels - check. You mentioned that’s because you sometimes want to return to zero DB. Can I make the second ask that double clicking or alt clicking or whatever returns the fader to zero? Would you be down with that?

I certainly agree that some means of level calibration in the mixer would be most welcome. I am hoping that the mixer will get a little bit of love in the next major release in this regard. The addition of ‘groups’ and automation would also be very useful, although if you use VEPro, you can currently send automation to your instruments quite easily. You can also group them for that matter…However, the levels of the separate outputs coming into the Dorico mixer are a little tricky to calibrate for sure.

Hello colleagues,
Well… actually the Mixer needs very huge “amount” of love… The Console is the weakest spot in Dorico.
I will quote myself from another topic:

Blockquote 8. Mix Console Improvements:

Adding of Cubase Pro - like Control Room, a monitoring channel were we could insert plugins that will not affect the export and will open with every new project. Just like they work in Cubase.
Channel Loudness measurement digits. Currently the mixer loudness measurement is blank.
Implementation of Combined Pan, like in Cubase is needed since most of the VIs are stereo.
Option to configure the Default Mixer appearance, just like in Cubase. Currently we have to configure it for every project.
Adding of SuperVision plugin in Dorico will be great, too.

Sorting of plugins by Vendor or Type + Search Bar. Both options should be available, like in Cubase.

This will shorten the Instrument and Mixer Insert drop down lists and will improve the workflow.

And these are just some basic things. :slight_smile:
Here is the whole comment of mine:

In case it’s interesting to you. :slight_smile:

Best wishes to all,