I want a (programmable) Commandline Interface in Cubase :)

I recently thought how cool it would be if Cubase had a command line interface, where you could instruct and automate Cubase without the need of much mouse acrobatics. Kinda like the bash on Linux or the powershell on Windows. Actually, a powershell-like shell would be preferable, I think, as the way PS handles objects lends itself better for a DAW. Fully programmable, which could also replace the cumbersome current macro system.
You could open that command line with a specific key command and just type command that do things to track, events, MIDI and everything else.
Think of Logical Editor functionality on a command line:

#get-midievent -type note -value1 “C1” | set-midievent -value2 (get-random -between 100,120)

You should of course be able to write functions and call them via key command.

Full disclosure: my main profession is a linux system admin :sunglasses:

have you looked at the Project Logical Editor? It’s not so much text code as it is a logical function list execution script thing.

Of course I know the PLE and it is a cool tool and can do a lot, but there are lots of things where a good command line will be much quicker, once you internalized the commands.
I manage linux servers for a living solely via command line and most of the time I am vastly faster at doing things than the windows admins at our company who rely on the mouse and a GUI.
Also I like programming :slight_smile:

Yes it would be interesting. There is scripting in Halion I think although I don’t have it yet so I couldn’t tell you.

Nice, but clearly a minority request.
Please Steinberg, I beg you on my knees - no priority on such things before you have decent solutions for core-things like Remote Control (Generic Remote is a bastard feature) and more.


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LUA is already in Halion, and a pretty well documented script language.

I’d be totally fine with LUA in place of /addition to the current cumbersome macro system…
A command shell could be an innovative feature, but I am very aware that I might be alone with such a request :slight_smile:

Use DTouch for Cubase or Nuendo all the macros / shortcut touchable button and 10 floating multitouch mixer… workspace…and more… The best controller for Cubase for now…


I love this idea. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add tracks this way too?
To add a group track with switches to specify the options that come up in the dialogue box? Like:
add-grouptrack -config “stereo” -folder “inside” -count 10
or even more finger friendly:
add-g /st /inside etc.
Totally in favour of reaching for the mouse as little as possible.

It should be a command line with proper command completion, of course, in order to do as little typing as possible :slight_smile:
And then of course combine it with some control statements:
for $a in (01.10) { add-track -name = “synth-${a}” -type instrument -plugin Zebra2 }
or similar.
I don’t have my hopes up that this will happen, though…