I want cubase 12 to 11

There is an employee named Matthias who wrote

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he may be able to help as well (to tag in this forum, type " @xyz" , where xyz is the exact spelling of the forum name).

I am from India

You can’t activate Cubase 11 if you don’t own a license for Cubase 11.
This is how I understand it, but like @skijumptoes and @alexis just wrote, try and contact Steinberg support or Matthias. None of us work for Steinberg.

I am from near Hoboken.


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The official distributor and support address for India is (according to Become a Steinberg Reseller | Steinberg) Yamaha:

Contact them and try the other suggestions. Noone outside Steinberg and its designated affiliates can help you with your request. You need a license for Cubase <=11, which you did not buy.

I do not understand, why you did not buy Cubase 11 before 12 was released. Steinberg communicated the change including the licensing long beforehand. There was even a long grace period. You had enough time to get it if you wanted it - and not 12. Why don’t you work with 12 if you got it?