I want make an Overdubbing in my cubase elements 10,5


I have cubase elements 10.5.
I want to make an overdubbing recording.
How can I do this?
In audacity you can place a check mark on “Overdubbing” at the “preferences”.
And then you can record your music on the first audio track.
Then you can record your vocals on the second track, while you hear the music from the first track.
When you export both tracks as a wave file, the vocals are recorded together with the music.
Is that also the case in my cubase elements 10.5?
Thanks in advance.
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Assuming you have already created an Audio Track you want to Record on:

  1. Make sure that both Record & Monitor are not enabled on the Track you want to hear while overdubbing
  2. On the Track where you want to Record, set the Input to the Mic you want to use.
  3. On the Track you want to Record, enable Monitor (so you can hear what you are singing/playing) and Record Enable (so the Track actually records something).
  4. Then just click on Record in the Transport to start playback & recording.

Yes, when you Export Audio it will create an Audio FIle with your Mix.

You might want to take a look at the Cubase YouTube page for the beginner tutorials

Hello raino--------------------
Thank you very much for the quick and clear reply.
It could not have been better demonstrated.
I am a novice and would like to know now that I have both cubase LE AI elements 10.5, and also cubase elements 10.5 , which of the two is the best where I can record an audio track.

Thanks in advance.
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Well they are basically the same program, but the LE version has fewer features. For the task of recording an Audio Track it should be the same. But in general use the full version of Elements. Here’s a table that compares whats in different flavors of Cubase.