I want my Groove Agent 3 back! but won't installed under OS

I want my Groove Agent 3 back! but will not installed under OS X Yosemite.
I try GA 4 it’s ok, but have don’t the time to be a tech head figuring out how it works.
When I’m doing projects and sketches of different productions I need to get them out fast. And plus the drum genres/styles all not there on GA4
The error message I get is:
Groove Agent 3 can’t be installed on this computer.

The Syncrosoft License Control cannot be installed on this computer, because the installed operating system version is to old. At least system version Mac OS X 10.3 (‘Panther’) is required!

Help Please! Thank you very much.

did you ever get an answer to this? I’ve got the same problem.

I appear to have figured it out.

First right click on the Groove Agent 3 install package, select “show package contents”… then open up the folder “Contents”, then “Packages”… you’ll see the Groove Agent 3 package in there (next to the SyncrosoftLicenseControl.pkg that causes the problems)

right click on it and select open (dbl-clicking gives you the “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” error message in Yosemite.)

Now, that package installs GA3 but fails on the content install part (due to the same Yosemite error msg above). So we need to find the content install pkg directly and right-click on it and select “open”. You’ll find GA3 Content Installer in the “Additional Content / OSX / Utilities” folder.

Last thing to do is install the latest syncrosoft license control from their website. (if you don’t already have a syncrosoft license control installed). Once installed, open it, input your Groove Agent license to activate it. If you install a Groove Agent 4 license, that will work on GA3 as well.