I want my ... I want my ... I want my ... Cubase 12

Or as Steinberg call it, …“Money for Nothing”.

LOL. Just kidding! Relax!

The new licensing system and arm-native-compatibility-for-mac-users more than justifes 100 eurodollars at least.

I’d be happy to pay that much (the same as a lifetime license for Logic Pro X. Intel and arm-native. no dongle. no codes) just for bugfixes in Cubase.

Padme: “They did fix the bugs … right?”

Steinberg: Forget bugfixes. What about significant workflow improvements?

User: Yes please. How about things that should have been there for years. Like freezing multiple tracks or instruments at once? or protection so third party plugins can’t crash the whole DAW? Or some way for the application to use more of the ample RAM and CPU in my machine instead of staggering to a halt at 30% system load?

Steinberg: Sorry, we don’t understand those suggestions. But would a new soft-synth change your mind? Or some ethnic flute sounds for Halion SE?

User: Will the new Cubase crash due to bad parsing of the previous version’s preferences?

Steinberg: Of course! But support can tell you where the preferences are stored so you can delete them and start over again … again.

User. Sure. Whatever. I’ll get my money ready.