I want to make specific knob forgets MIDI Learn on Retrologue

I would like to remove OSC1’s Octave.

Right Click on Octave, but “Forget CC” is gray out.

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This means, there is no assignment.

Dear Margin.Jirsak

Thank you for your quick reply.

But when I move knob of my MIDI controller (nektar: IMPACT LX25),
OCATVE of OSC1 moves.

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Isn’t it assigned via Quick Control?

Dear Margin.Jirsak

Thank you for your kind advise.

I check it, but nothing is assigned maybe.


Make sure, VST Quick Controls and Track Quick Controls inputs are set to Not Connected, to be sure, they don’t listen any MIDI Input Port, please.

Dear Martin.Jirsak

Sorry for lating.

I checked and did as below, but it is still not working .

  • “未接続” means not connected.


Which MIDI CC does the hardware send, please?

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I am very embarrassed, but how can I check the MIDI CC number I received?

By recording a little bit and look in the list editor or key editor and click the controller lane. there will be a * next to used ones


You can use the MIDI Monitor plug-in.

Dear vinark

Thank you for your advise.

I did, but nothing is recorded.

Dear Marin.Jirsak

Thank you again.

I used it, but nothing seems to be… or maybe CC 7 ?

ALL CC seem to have been not recorded…
(it might be that I have to make anther thred)


How is the Nektar Impact MIDI Device involved, please?

Dear Margin.Jirsak

Thank you again.

The setting is as below.
If you would like to need any other information, please let meknow.

I connect another midi device " MIDITECH / MF4X4".

The situation after disconnect MIDITECH / MF4X4 is as below.


On the MIDI Monitor screenshot, I can see 2 MIDI messages other than MIDI Notes:

  • MIDI CC67
  • VST3 something… message.

Do you know, which device sent this messages by any chance?

Thank you for reply again.

I can not know where it comes from
It is not shown now… very strange.
The problem still goes on .


What about, if you right-click the track and Show Used Automation (Selected Track). Isn’t any automation in the track by any chance? I’m puzzled here, maybe a video could help?