I want to put back FabFilter ProQ-2 into Wavelab to use for processing

I am using FabFilter ProQ-3 but some of my saved presets require ProQ-2. So I went to the FabFilter website, downloaded ProQ-2 and installed it. But WL cannot find it. It is both VST2 and VST3 and the files are in the right folders but WL will not load them. I chose the option of having WL rescan all the plugins but still nothing. Any thoughts or suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

And the answer is???

Maybe ProQ-2 is discarded by FabFilter if ProQ-3 is found on the system? WaveLab does not do this kind of filtering.

I don’t think that’s the case because I had no problem recalling older montages with Pro-Q 2 when Pro-Q 3 came out.

Instead of the plugin scan, I’ve been having better luck by fully deleting the plugin-registry.txt file in the WaveLab Preferences folder. I’m not sure if Windows has that but on Mac, it’s been more reliable than using the Force Plug-In Rescan feature.

Justin and PG

Thanks I will try what you suggested.

No such file on my PC running Windows 10. Maybe PG can tell me where the file is located on my PC?|

Thanks anyway.

\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Cache\plugin-registry.txt

Deleting it will cause a long plugin scan but I’ve been having to do this somewhat often lately to clear up plugin recognition issues, especially for some non-Windows related issues such as when an existing plugin goes from non M1 to M1.

A hard rescan clears up certain issues like that vs. the Force Rescan in the Preferences area from what I’ve found.

I did everything suggested but still no joy…I even reinstalled ProQ-2. Any other ideas??? Thanks in advance.