I want to read and write opus format files.

I want to read and write opus format files.
I own Wavelab Pro 10.
If possible with the current version, please tell me how to set it.
If it is not supported, I hope to add functions in a future update.
Thank you.

This is on the todo list, but the “pressure” on this feature is not so high, I must say.
What is your application domain?

I use Opus as my standard for video soundtracks, and I’ve started moving to it for use on the web in place of aac (m4a). I have an easy drag and drop converter, so I don’t worry about it not being in WaveLab; but as a modern and improved successor to Vorbis (which you do support) it seems an obvious option to include. In my experience Opus has been showing a sharp increase in use recently,


Bumping this, as I’m also interested. I’m now using opus-tools outside of WaveLab to convert to and from Opus, but it would be nice to be able to work with .opus in the same way as we can work with .mp3 in WaveLab.

As an audio codec used in WebM video, it’s fast becoming ubiquitous.

Just a prod; I think you once said to me “not before 11.0.20”, so maybe it’s getting closer?


No, sorry. Please use a third-party app to convert, for the time being.