I want to request a new activation code.

Hello, i activated Cubase 10 Pro on 30/07/2019 and i changed to a new pc.
I need a new activation code, because the 1st activation code has been use already to my previous pc.
I followed your instructions for reactivation, but my soft-eLicenser is not listed at Reactive button on my account and it doesn’t give me a new activation code.
I did again registration and ‘‘No products found on this eLicenser’’
Please help me

I tried all the instructions you send me by info@steinberg.de (and these from your site), about a solution to my problem and nothing happened. It can’t give my a new activation code.
Please help me, giving me a new activation code, because i need it to keep working with cubase 10 pro for my job.
I can give you my ‘‘Download Acces Code’’ of Cubase 10 pro to sent me a new activation code if you want.

Thank you

No need to reactivate, simply plug your USB elicenser into the computer.

Thank you for your response
During all this time i was trying to solve the problem, i had my USB elicenser into the computer and i unplugged it and plugged it again many times.
(This is not the problem). The eLicenser control Center recognise my USB elicenser but ‘‘My Steiberg’’ doesn’t give me a new activation code.
And if i don’t need an new activation code a you said, when i enter my 1st activation code on ‘‘eLicenser control Center’’, it says ''The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.

Please post a screen shot of your elicenser control center.

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You have a license for Cubase 10, so you need to install that. Are you trying to use Cubase Pro 10.5?

Yes i’m trying to use Cubase Pro 10.5, because of it’s update

The update is a paid update, so if you did not pay for it, you can not use it and you will not get a new activation code for it (apart from a trial license). You have to use cubase 10.0

So i have to install Cubase Pro 10 again to work with mu 1st activation code?

If i want to make the update to Cubase Pro 10.5.12 , how i can pay for it?


That will certainly depend on which shop you buy fom. Go to the (online) shop of your choice and follow the instructions.

Thank you a lot.