I Want To Save A Project I Got From Someone - That Has Plugin (& Template) Not Found Errors

Hi. I’m switching to being a Cubase User, and brand new to it. In FL Studio if I have a Project that is missing plugins or has problematic plugins there is a Diagnostic tool to allow me to save the Project after deleting the plugins (FL Studio seems to know which plugins are missing). In this case I am trying to use someone’s color palette, but I am curious; whoever created the project had a UAD device on insert 1 with a missing plugin, and some scores/templates. I am given the option to “resolve” but not remove the offending items from the project. Is there a workaround to save the project?

The only thing I could think to do is correct the AUDIO card setting, delete all the tracks, and look to see if there were an indication of where in Cubase’s Studio Menu setup are the offending elements. I can’t find them. The Project is now loading, which is good, but it just gives me the error messages. I still have yet to find and fix the problems - which is an ego blow, but at the moment its no big deal - but what if this were my project and a plugin (such as the ones by Mixed in Key and XLN Audio that are “logging in” and sometimes may get automatic but buggy updates, suddenly stopped working. Is there a way around this situation where I can rescue the data (As there is in FL Studio)?

You can still save that project even if it has missing plugins. cubase is only warning you about it, but is not automatically removing those absent plugins (for a good reason). You can easily find them in the mix console, they are kind of “grayed out” and you cannot open the plugin window of course, but you can remove them, if you want.
If you’ve removed all the missing plugins and save the project, Cubase doesn’t complain anymore on the next loading.

I would see what is missing and replace with something else if needed or just remove. If it’s a vst instrument again I would try and replace if possible. You would still have to remove the offer ding vsti.