I want to see track list in the Key Editor

I do not expect much from this issue because it has been ignored many years ago, but I just leave a post. :unamused:

Please fix old issues of editing and navigator. I hope I can move the cursor when I click on an empty space. And I want to be able to see the track list in the Key Editor like SONAR.

If you have not tried SONAR, you will never know the convenience of this feature.

Good luck!


Since Cubase 9, you can show Key Editor in the Project window. What is kind of help.

But, actually to show the track list in the Key Editor wouldn’t help. It seems, the Key Editor is track-based in SONAR. But in Cubase, it’s event-based. So to be able to show a MIDI data in the editor, you have to select the MIDI Event, not the MIDI/Instrument Track. So the list of the track wouldn’t help you to select, what data do you want to show, in the editor (what is your wanted use-case, I expect). You would need the list of the MIDI Events.

Thank you for your reply. I understood that Cubase is event based.
What are the benefits of event-based key editors? To explain the inconvenience I have experienced, it is very difficult to edit dozens of MIDI tracks across each track. I am using the monitor as dual, and I use the key editor on one monitor to input the notes. I am familiar with Sonar’s way, so I make all the MIDI track clips and make a full selection and then load them into the Key Editor.

I often use the event list to select a track provided in the key editor, but if the clip is split within one track, many events of the same name are created in the list, making it almost impossible to select a track within the key editor. So when I have to cut some clips, and glue it back into one big chunk.
Do you have advice for users like me?

It would be really convenient to have a list of MIDI events in the remaining space on the right side of the key editor.

Oh, and the solo button on the upper left of the key editor does not seem to work as I expected. When I press the S key on the key editor, I expect to hear only the sound of the active event, but I hear the whole instrument.


To be honest, I don’t know, what is the advantage of the event-based editors. I have pretty similar setup: Main (big) LCD with the Key Editor open, and using Project window to select, which MIDI part I want to edit, right now. I know the track-based editing from Digital Perfomer, and I have to admit, it has advantages.

I imagine it has to do with attached cc & note expression values: they’re easier to manipulate when attached to a “part”. I’ve found working with cc data in Sonar to be something of a nightmare, tbh.

It’s an interesting feature, but you could also use the project window on the left side and the key editor on the right side, right?

Yes. My sub monitor is located on the left. I spend a lot of time in the key editor, so I place the key editor on the main monitor (right side).

What’s something you can’t do without, or would be way easier with the track list feature?

Most of my work is in the key editor. It is particularly useful for organizing your various instruments while viewing all the notes in an orchestration at a glance. There is nothing you can not do without a track list. However, as the number of tracks and MIDI events increases, the time to move back and forth between the project window and the key editor increases (soloing or muting each track, etc.), resulting in lower efficiency. Maybe I want to know how people like Hans Zimmer, who manages hundreds of tracks, can efficiently utilize Cubase.

Maybe the project view can be made to easier to use instead of an additional view. You can zoom the track height out to 1 row to see more of your channels. Maybe there’s additional improvements that could be good feature requests.

You also might be interested in my feature request of a vertical split Project/Key Editor.

Speaking of Hans Zimmer, you might be interested in this: https://www.masterclass.com/classes/hans-zimmer-teaches-film-scoring

EDIT: I wasn’t far off, his tracks are less than 1 row each: :smiley:

Your feature requst is exactly what I want. Thanks to a user like you, maybe Cubase will be easier in the next version. Hans Zimmer’s lesson could also be a good reference.
Thank you!

I realized that even if I selected a track name in the project window, there was no response from the key editor. Is there an option to select all events when selecting a track name?
If not, all I need is a parts list window in the key editor, not a popup list of event parts.

The pop-up list of MIDI parts in the key editor is not only incapable of managing many parts, but also inconvenient.


Unfortunately, this is not possible. But you can assign own Key Command to the Select All on Tracks function. Then you can select the track + press the Key Command. All events of the tracks are selected.

Thank you!

This is one function that Pro Tools and Studio One have that I really miss in Cubase. Being able to quickly select MIDI track visibility un Cubase MIDI editor it is a HUGE time saver!

You can achieve this with a simple macro:

Editors - Open/Close Editor
Editors - Open Key Editor in Window

or for the lower zone:

Edit - Select All on Tracks
Editors - Open Key Editor in Lower Zone

Just select the track(s) you want to see in the editor and execute the macro.

If you are working on multiple tracks with only the Key editor visible, naming events intelligently will help you find them in the drop down part list.

You can rename events according to the track name quickly using PLE. For example:
Type your desired name in the Parameter 1 field.

Preferences / Transport / Locate when Clicked in Empty Space

This has only ever worked in the Arrange Page though - shame; plenty of requests over the years for it in the Editor windows too… :wink:

True. This is a shame.

Submit it as a feature request my friends~