i want to sell my Cubase 8.5

Hi, i want to sell my cubase pro 8.5 license without usb key only license transfer,

i want to sell to someone with paypal. To be honest it will be the first time i sell something with Paypal.

so if anyone interest tell me and i will contact paypal for help. :slight_smile:

If anyone want it please give me a reasonable offer and i will answer you back.

If it is a full version of Cubase you will not be able to sell it without the usb key.

Really ? i was sure you can transfer the license from usb key to usb key…

Sorry for my post and tank you for your information.

It is possible to transfer licenses from one key to another one, but you need both keys attached to the same computer at the same time to move the license.

Ok!! Tank again! Then ignore my post. I live in a little city with not a lot of people so i think i will keep my cubase 8.