I want to turn off the AXR Extension


I recently bought the AXR4U and connected it to the PC.

By the way, I want to turn off the AXR Extension function in Nuendo.

I don’t know why, but once in a while working on it, the window that Nuendo’s HARDWARE menu blinks and closes opens again.

USB connection to PC is using Apple Thunderbolt 3 cable 2.0M.

There’s nothing wrong with using it, but I want to turn this off.

Now I’m using Studio Setup after deleting Steinberg AXR in Steinberg I/O.

But when I turn on Nuendo and run it again, it shows up.

Is there a way to delete it altogether?


I want to turn it off too. I only use AXR occasionally, but I dislike having to wait for a long time while Nuendo is starting up

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