I want to undo my last pass during midi cycle recording

So let’s say I’m making a 4-bar loop… I record kicks on first pass, snares on second pass, percussion on third pass—but oops I mess up and want to delete what I just recorded on the third pass. How do I do this without stopping the sequencer? I tried using cmd-z (undo) but that only works if you stop the sequencer first. I want to be able to hit one button and undo the last pass. How can I do this?


I expect you are talking about audio recording, right?

If you record in a loop and you make the takes, you are recording only 1 long file in fact. Just Cubase presents it as 3 takes for you. Therefore it’s not possible to undo it. You have to stop playback/record, select and delete the take.

If you refer to MIDI recording - you can’t.

Sorry I should’ve specified. Yes I am referring to MIDI recording. I want the ability to delete my last cycle of recording in real time. This could be a game changer creative tool. Let’s say you’re cycle recording a beat manually playing (as opposed to step sequencing)…

Record the kick pattern
Record the snare pattern
Record the high hat pattern–wait I don’t like that, hit a [hypothetical “redo last cycle” button]
Record a different hi hat pattern

As it stands if I record a hit hat pattern I don’t like, I have to stop the sequencer, undo, restart recording, etc. In terms of the creative process, it’s a creativity killer. When you’re in the groove and grooving you just want to keep grooving.

I personally would love to have this feature

You can add the tag Feature-Request to your topic and try to rally more people behind this idea, so that they vote for it.

Activate the Transport’s Re-Record mode, and MIDI Stacked (no mute) record mode. Hit the record button while cycle recording.

this sounds cool. Not exactly sure how it works, but I am certainly willing to test it out. Thanks.