I want to upgrade to 10 but can I later open 8.5??

I STILL use 8.5 when I need to ‘replace audio in video file’ - I am currently working in 9.5.x. I have heard that those that have upgraded to 10 get crashes when trying to open 8.5. :frowning: (but I believe these have been mac users.) Can someone on W7 check whether these crashes happen in windows? I would be VERY grateful. I want to upgrade but not being able to do this brief function in 8.5 is a deal breaker for me.

(btw - their logs say it is rooted in the ‘groove agent’ update in 10 - seemingly not compatible in when open in 8.5.)

Thanks again in advance.



Cubase 10 and Cubase 8.5 are independent applications (executables), it shouldn’t affect each other. So I can’t imagine, you couldn’t open Cubase 8.5 after installing Cubase 10 (especially on Mac). Could you share a link of these posts, please?

Might be some users can’t open Cubase 8.5 projects in Cubase 10 or vice versa. But that’s another topic.

I upgraded to 10 yesterday. I just opened 8.5.30 and played back a project created in 9.5, no problem. I am, however, on Windows 10.

As Martin points out, the thing you might need to be concerned about is creating a project in 8.5 and then trying to move it to 10. If that’s something you can envision yourself doing, I’d check with Steinberg about forward compatibility.

Especially if you would use 32-bit version of Cubase 8.5, there could be a big problem to open it (especially with plug-ins).

You’re absolutely correct. I was assuming 64 bit across the board.