I want to use the DSPMix with Cubase!!!

Isn’t there any way to use the DSPMix while using Cubase? This is very frustrating, because the mixer in Cubase isn’t intuitive at all and it has less possibilities than the DSPMix version. I used to delete a file in the Mac system (after a long time) and I could use it in that way, but from Yosemite I don’t get this to work. I’ve tried to delete many files of the app (one after one) without success. I always get the “dspmix can’t be used while Cubase is running” thing.

What can I do to solve this? Today I’ve had to record with my babyface, since the last Sunday I couldn’t record vocals with the same band and it was very annoying.

I have two possibilities: To sell the UR824 and use the Babyface or other interface, or to record with Logic in order to use the DSPMix app.

Pity you can’t get your head around the Cubase mixer, the integration with the UR line is fully functional. Spend some time with it and the Manual, it’s not all that complex.
Otherwise, as you say, you have two other possibilities.

Thank you, very much! I suppose with time everything is possible but I use the RME mixer and is much more intuitive than that. I have a little experience in this kind of things and when I don’t get something to work I just get rid of it. That’s right, I haven’t see the manual at all, but I already got used to the external mixer.

Anyway, if I can’t delete that file in Mac in order to use the external mixer, would it be possible using the ipad software while using Cubase?

Thank you again!