I wanto to use my touchscreen windows convertible laptop (HP spectre) as a controller for cubase 12

Hello, here is the situation :

  • I have cubase 12 pro on my windows 11 desktop

  • I have a touchscreen convertible windows 11 laptop (hp spectre x360)

  • I want to use my laptop as a tablet, to control a few things on my cubase 12 pro session

The things I want on my touchscreen controller are :

  • Something like 15 big buttons for keyswitches (each button sending a MIDI note). For exemple a big button that say “Legato” and is sending the F-1 midi note to cubase when I press it.

  • Maybe some buttons for Play/Record/Metronome/Undo/Quantize/Other key commands

There is alot of mixed infos on the internet, not sure if there is any free solution out there, and not sure how time consuming it is to set this up

ps : I also have an Iphone, but I’d rather use my convertible laptop as the screen is much bigger

I would have a look at TouchOSC, it is a program for designing your own control surfaces that can send MIDI. You would of course also need to build a MIDI remote config in Cubase, so all in all, it can be quite a bit of work.

I am almost there
I connected my laptop to my desktop via ethernet cable
I setup a static ipv4 for both my laptop and my desktop
I connected them with rtpmidi, currently I have 1 to 2 ms latency, so the link is working

I installed Open stage control But I have no idea if my desktop actually recieve mid data from my laptop. I have only tried to setup one button. One button to send midi note C#-2 to trigger a keyswitch

In cubase settings, in the Remotes devices (legacy) I added my virtual port created with rtp midi in the MIDI input. But I have no idea how to setup the control name in the chart. How do I send a midi note ON C#-2 ? I tried to click learn and hit the button on my laptop, cubase isn’t recieving anything anyway