"I Will Love Again", and "All We Really Want Is..."

"All We Really Want Is…" - by Carvelli

I produced this track for the artist “Carvelli”; the songwriting is a collaboration between myself, Tyler Tynes, Kelly Malbasa, and Carvelli.

I started producing this track in Cubase SX3 and finished it in Cubase 5 (this applies to all mixes of the track, including the remixes). The production is all VSTi-based, with the vocals being the only component that was recorded (into Cubase) through an audio interface (PreSonus Firebox). All production, processing, editing, and everything else in all entirety was done in Cubase.

"I Will Love Again" - Taras

This track earned me a Canadian Juno Nomination in 2007. I produced it back in 2005 in Cubase SX1; raw vocals were recorded in a studio that used Logic, however all production work, vocal processing and editing, was done solely in Cubase.

In fact, all the tracks from my old album “Liftoff” were produced and recorded in SX1 on a PC. The label I was signed to at the time was trying to convince me to switch to MAC and Logic, but I was constantly working with deadlines, so I couldn’t afford to take the time to learn a new OS and DAW.

Now years later, I’m on a MAC, but still loyal to Steinberg! Way to go with Cubase 6! Fantastic DAW!

It’s very well done – good production. Personally I don’t care for this genre/style, but apparently a lot of people do, and I think you’re right there as far as that goes.

Thanks for the kind words. Dance music is my specialty, and CHR these days is laced with dance elements. Many artists, including those that 5 years ago would have said “I hate techno” are now riding the “4-on-the-floor” success wave, which is good for me, because I feel right at home with this type of production =)

Like Twilightsong, these aren’t exactly my style but they’re very well produced for their genre. Well done!