I wish I could... (automation)

Good answers there.
What you need to do is to stand back a little, slow down and think about the way it works and will behave. Maybe simplify your approach to automation.
Even after some considerable time I will get these brickwalls where I have to reach for the manual to remind myself that either me or the programmer is not mad. And sometimes I slow things down a little to get things done faster.
You will find stuff in Cubase that slows you down as well as loads that speed things up.

Ok, cool! And yes, that´s how I´ve done it, but usually I change the value from the info bar, ´cause I don´t want to accidentally move them horizontally. I still think there should be a better way though, that´s why I started this topic.

I would love a feature that I could raise/lower all the blobs without having to open the automation track, selecting all the blobs, moving them and closing the automation track. I´m sure this kind of feature wouldn´t be that hard to make? I mean there´s much more complicated stuff in Cubase.

Maybe you could pass this to development team to maybe think about? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it!

Why not actually familiar ize yourself with the TRIM mode of automation?

I know getting used to a feature you’re not comfortable working with can seem daunting at times…but this one really may really give you what you want. Like Conman suggested, slow down a bit. Read the section on Automation in the manual. Then, experiment with the TRIM mode using a “test” project so there is no worry about screwing anything up.

I like it, personally. When I’m at the stage where my mix is sounding good and just needs a few level tweaks…I loop the whole project, put all the tracks that need tweaking in write-mode and trim, the faders move to the centerand every move up or down is reflected across all the volume automation.

Once you really give it a chance you may find it really may become part of your workflow.

Maybe you could pass this to development team to maybe think about? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it!

Maybe you could pass this on to your own development team to maybe think about and find out what is possible with this tool. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to do as you must be doing much more complicated things. :mrgreen:

I mean you’ve got a half dozen answers as to how to use it and still you think they’re going to do a rewrite just for ONE new user? Worth a try I suppose.

I wonder why is this post so detested by many. It would be great to have Fader acting like a VCA Fader (for volume only, of course). It is obvious. The Trim is not a proper workaround these days. Reaper has faders overriding automation, as VCA faders, AFAIK. Bloody Reaper, yeah. I reckon this idea was offered in Reaper forums some years ago and – guess what – no one found it stupid and I doubt there was so much of pathetic patronising involved, either. They just implemented that.
Comparing Steinberg’s Trim to ‘Fader as VCA Fader’ concept is something equally hilarious as saying that Cubase’s Select From Cursor To End or Shift + Double Click on part to select all parts / events to the right is as handy as Reaper’s Ripple.
And yes, I’ve read the manual, and I know how Steinberg’s automation works.

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