I wonder if a laptop computer with core i5 and 8 gb ram will do for my Cubase projects

I wonder if a laptop computer with core i5 and 8 gb ram will be enough for Cubase projects with Cubase Pro 11 and the piano plug Steinberg The Grand 3 with 40 audio tracks recorded in 24 bit 44.1 khz and 20 midi tracks and thats it nothing else will i have in my projects

Umm that’s a bit close to call , audio files them selves don’t take up a lot of processing power but 8gb might be pushing it , will it be a new gen i5 ?

It will be a 12 gen core i5

20 midi tracks , what instruments are they for , just the grand 3 ?

they are just for the grand 3

I think you are pushing it to be honest , 16gb you stand a good chance but i still think for 60 tracks you might need to consider an i7 and 16gb min , it’s better to have the overhead space then your Cpu struggling

Okay then i will go for core i7 and 16 gb ram

I think it would be wise , the i5 might manage it but it is asking quite a bit plus if you decide to use the channel strip or any other processing it could just spike out .

You may know this, but very important - run latency mon on the lap top before committing to buying it to make sure it can do what you want irrespective of the specs you’ve been discussing

What kind of latency do i need from it to run my Cubase projects

But how can i run latency mon on the laptop when i havent got it. Dont i need to buy it first from the internet to try it. Wont it then be much work to do to ship it back if the program says the laptop is to slow

Beware that all “i7” are not created equal!!
It means very different things if it’s a P-series, U-series, H-series, etc.!
An i5 in the H/HX series may easily outperform any i7 in the U series in most workloads.
Check ark.intel.com for details, or ad more details to this thread and I may help you pick.

Also consider changing your workflow (ex. Freeze tracks) and you may not need an i7 after all.

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I don’t think there’s an easy way that is not expensive.

The expensive way is to buy a lap top from a third party (e.g., ADK Audio, Scan, etc.) that is guaranteed to be optimized for DAW work.


  1. Buy one with a 30 day- type return policy, or
  2. Find one in a store and run latency mon there (though that could be problematic because you’d be running it with a lot of bloatware)
  3. …?

Hi. I would suggest i7 with as much RAM as possible. I’m using a 2014 ASUS ROG G750 with Win 10 and Cubase 11 Pro with 32GB of RAM. It does great 98% of the time but there are a few plugins I have that really hit the resource meter hard.

Laptop originally came with 16GB RAM and tops out at 32. I wish it would take 64GB And I do some pretty good sized projects. Upgrading RAM and switching to SSD drives definitely prolonged the life of this machine.

I asked one from a computer store where i come from and he said that a 12 gen core i5 with 8 gb ram would almost easily handle a Cubase project with Cubase Pro 11 that has 40 audio tracks and 20 midi tracks that has only one plugin and that plugin is Steinberg The Grand 3. And i have looked it up and it says that plugin will work with only 4 gb ram buy its recommended to have 8 gb ram

@persvanberg , Robin Vincent normally chooses i5’s for his Surface Pro.

Just sharing his YouTube video in case you find it useful!

He has later Youtube videos think he’s on Surface Pro 9 now

I have decided to choose the safe side so i will for sure go for a latop with 12 gen core i7 and 16 gb ram

I have redecided i will go for a laptop with 12 gen core i5 and 8 gb ram because i believe its enough for my Cubase projects

I am running a gen 8 i5 CPU with 24GB of ram and ssd hard drive. I have changed the system settings in a similar way to Mr Vincent’s tweaking with the addition of disconnecting Wi-Fi whilst in Cubase. I also stop notifications so that there are no bleeps or other sounds.
So far (2 years) it has run faultlessly including using the channel strip. I can revert to ordinary settings when I do more mundane things with the laptop. I have not experienced any latency issues.
My interface is an Audient id4, and I use an Arturia Keystep for midi.
I recently updated to Cubase 12 - again with no issues. There is no need to pay a premium for the latest iterations of hardware just prevent window’s worst excesses, and don’t expect to multi task.

Anyhow i will actually go for the safe thing a laptop with 12 gen core i7 and 16 gb ram