I would like to add Keyscape ( from Spectrasonics)

Hi Arlicht,
I have Cubase 10.5 and would like to add Keyscape ( from Spectrasonics, like Omnisphere) as a plug-in to Komplete Kontrol. Is it difficult to add plug-ins to Cubase from Spectrasonics ?

Grateful for your help,

Hi Keith,

I dont use personally Komplete Kontrol with Omnisphere integration (in my post I mentioned Access Virus TI Control Plugin not Komplete Kontrol), but I saw some good reviews on Freelance Soundlabs Spectrasonics integration in Komplete Kontrol. Its as I know is paid solution


Hope this helps

I don’t really use Komplete Kontrol regularly, but Spectrasonics does not support NKS directly. There are some 3rd partys, which provide some stuff, though.

Regarding the Cubase integration: all Spectrasonics products are available as VST3 plugins, so you just have to install and authorize it, and off you go. Just be aware that Keyscape is huge (around 70GB) .