I would love to have grouping similar to PT

I’ve been using Pro Tools the last few weeks and the grouping is out of this world. This is the kind of stuff I hope C6 addresses. If I designed Daws I would have been all over that a long time ago

Please elaborate, I don’t know anything about pt.

Really just having an editable group list would make the grouping whole process so much easier imo. You can group the items edit window only, the mix window only or both. You can name your groups and have all your groups listed in a window, you can suspend all groups.

This is the kind of improvements I’d like to see as opposed more toys added on.


+1, a time saver

I’ve never used PT but Reaper does this too.

I never used PT so maybe we are not talking about the same sort of grouping but I do use grouping in C5 and also using the filter in one of the mixer I can hide everything but the group track and have a view and control of the general mix making mixing multi intrument like Drums or percusions as one single entity with the rest of the song easyer

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No I’m not talking about group channels I’m talking about grouping objects, mixer channels in all kinds of re callable configurations

The OP is talking about VCA-style groups where you can link faders and audio objects for editing regardless of signal flow. It is quite handy for larger projects, as is the playlists where you can organize multiple takes of multiple tracks a little cleaner than the cubase method.


Cubase for Atari had a section for making a customized mixer. Choose object, channel, function, paramerters for object, and position on screen. I also support the principle that updates should prioritize stability and flexibility with what we’ve got rather than developing add ons.