I would really like Groove Agent to do this

Hey Steinberg, if you are reading this, i really like Groove Agent, but i could really use a button on each PAD that will allow me to use the next or previous sample in the folder.

A small function like this would greatly enhance my workflow, what u think?

Yes! Me too, it bugs the hell out of me that I can’t do this. Steinberg you need to do this, even if you put it in the voice section. Maybe then I could hang up Battery…

If Steiny would focus a little more on GAO and Beat Designer, they would have a killer combo… they have pretty much ignored them and it’s sad because between them both, it could be all we’d use…

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Beat Designer not having an Always On Top option is a complete workflow killer when it either covers your entire screen, blocking the project page if maximized, or throws off all your other windows that are open if you don’t maximize it. You can’t even put it onto a secondary monitor.

Groove Agent One has soo many set backs its pathetic. No copy and paste, no layering on pads outside of velocity switches etc. I was very excited for GA1 and BD when they came with Halion 5. Truth is, I haven’t used them in years since due to the above. I really would like to come back to them however, but not until they are made much better than they are.

the “next sample” button to the left or right in the folder list is one of the main reasons why i love Kontakt so much.

you can be groovin with the track playing and then be scrolling thru your samples until you hear the one that just drops into place. none of this “HALT EVERYTHING… I NEED TO CHOOSE A SAMPLE…OH WOW” and then popping open a window and trying to find the folder (that defaulted to the desktop as usual) etc

+1 from me here on this one also!

Heh, first I thought the topic was kind of unnecessary, but then I remembered I have actually already a macro which puts Media Bay and Groove Agent side by side. :smiley:


:blush: I didnt know you could do this in Kontakt (shows I dont use it enough), But Lately I’ve been dropping directly from media bay into the project page.

So you can have a folder of kick drums, and flick through them whilst looping? - then presume you keep the one you want & save as a preset? (not at my system to try out)?

You nailed it right there… :nerd: