i3 laptop to run Cubase:

Yes, I read the official system requirements.

Should an i3 laptop, W7 (64,) 4 gb of ram, do a reasonable job of running Cubase? I am unlikely to use a boatload of VSTs, being more audio-centric.

Thank you.

And what do they say…? Now you just need to compare them to the laptop specs…

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Take the hint.

Hi SteelyDon,

I have been using an i3 win7 (64) setup for about a year now. My projects have been vst heavy (writing pieces between 1 and 6 minutes in length and incorporating between 15 - 40 tracks ). It runs mostly fine - I had some problems with cpu overloads but I have tended to find ways around that (namely using a realtime export at the mixdown stage). Sometimes I have found I had to sacrafice effects in order to successfully export and audio mixdown. But in general I’ve had a lot of fun with that setup and it has served it’s purpose effectively. I’m updating my hardware soon however as I want to have the freedom to create more expansive tracks combining audio and vsts. (considering an iMac i7 with 8GB Ram).

Hope that helps,

Happy cubasing!


Thanks very much, Norbatious.