I5 3570k and turbo boost

Hey all.
I wanted to check with you concerning a little information I find misleading.
I recently upgraded my PC to and I5 3570k and a z77 motherboard.
Now normally we tweak the bios to turn of CPU power savings and turbo boost.
I can understand the need to turn of power savings but what’s the rule on modern CPU and turbo boost swing that cubase has a powerscheme option that seams to make sure CPU is running on full?


those tweaks in the bios were for X58 and the budget chips at the time? 870 i think…

assuming you were refering to this

its no longer valid at all, those tweaks will hurt present processors

Hey Scott
Thanks for the reply !

So basically leave the 3750 at default settings and use the powerscheme ?
Or shouldI skip the powerscheme as well and have turbo mode enabled?
I’m using win 7 64 bit

leave turbo on…